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Some Adventures So Far

While teaching Computer Science CE classes at the University of Houston, took on dev role at NASA's Johnson Space Center for Mission Planning Analysis Directorate supporting the Flight Analysis Executive for ascent, orbit and descent simulations for STS flights. NASA work was a personal dream!


Second start-up was for the "interface engine" Cloverleaf. My first worldwide launch, with complete control for brand and message. First rocket ride (zero to millions in months). It was stressful but a lot of fun. Still the leading connectivity engine in HCIT!


Fourth start-up was for this ingenious "concept-based indexing" engine. Short version: solves the "over 300 different words for aspirin (e.g., ASA, Bayer, NSAID)" type problem that totally stumps computers but not humans. 

Sixth start-up was for the new category DevOps (so new I had to create the wikipedia entry). StreamStep offered a lightweight coordination tool for accelerated app release and coordination. Great team to work with but a little early to market.

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